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Ear Cuff Rhodium-Plated Galaxy


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Product description

Ruthenium is a chemical element from the platinum group. It is a very rare noble metal. Coating jewelry with a layer of ruthenium aims to increase its resistance to corrosion, scratches, and dulling. Ruthenium gives jewelry a shinier appearance and prevents chemical reactions with other substances such as sweat, detergents, or cosmetics. Jewelry coated with ruthenium is more durable and resistant to mechanical damage.

By wearing this original ear cuff, you will feel exceptionally stylish, even in the simplest, classic outfit.

The jewelry is designed by Marlene Masiejczyk using 3D software or sculpted in wax, then cast in precious metal, and meticulously finished by experienced Polish goldsmiths with years of experience.

Made in EU.


Size & Composition

  • diameter: 12.5 mm | 0.49 in
  • made of 925 sterling silver and rhodium-plated

Watch our video: “How to measure ring and necklace size”? – It will give you some simple ideas on how to measure ring and necklace size at home.

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How to take care of your jewelry?

Dbaj o swoją cenną biżuterię… Pamiętaj o tym, że biżuteria pozłacana, nie jest tak wytrzymała jak biżuteria złota, Żeby służyła Ci jak najdłużej pamiętaj poniższych zasadach:

– Zdejmuj biżuterię do kąpieli;

– Unikaj kontaktu biżuterii z chemikaliami w tym z perfumami i kremami;

– Zdejmuj biżuterię podczas treningu i do snu;

– Przechowuj ją w pudełku, aby chronić przed wilgocią lub utlenieniem (w szczególności biżuterię srebrna i pozłacaną)

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Sen Jewelry

Sen’s precious jewelry is above all a reflection of elegance, style and emphasis of sensuality. The author’s precious jewelry, designed by Marlena Masiejczyk, is made from the highest quality precious metals and natural stones, which often come in single pieces. In the brand’s collections you will find classic pieces with a hint of modern touches. Uniqueness of form and attention to detail at all stages of production are key to the brand.

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