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Gold earrings Raw Rock Crystal


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Product description

Golden earrings with a fineness of 585 (14k) featuring natural mountain crystal tips from the Lower Silesia region in Poland.

If you want to activate or strengthen your life energy, set new goals and plans, mountain crystal tips might be just right for you. Their extraordinary ability to conduct light will help you release energy blockages, making it easier for you to determine what you desire from life and how you can manifest it.

Stones & Cords jewelry is protected by an industrial design right registered with the European Union under RCD 008849137.

Stones and Cords exclusively work with raw, uncut crystals in their original form, which means that each creation is unique. The stones that become the heart of the jewelry may differ from those shown in the illustrative photos because each crystal in the world of natural crystals is unique.

Made in EU.

Size & Composition

  • stone weight: 1.07 grams
  • gold weight: 1.20 grams
  • gold fineness: 585 (14k)

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How to take care of your jewelry?

Take care of your precious jewellery… Remember that gold plated jewellery, is not as durable as gold jewellery, To make it last as long as possible remember the following rules:

– Take off your jewellery for bathing;

– Avoid contact of your jewellery with chemicals including perfumes and creams;

– Remove your jewellery when training and for sleeping;

– Store it in a box to protect it from moisture or oxidation (especially silver and gold-plated jewellery)

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Stones and Cords

The brand’s designer, Ewa Kilian, believes that the whole world is composed of energy. Energy is fluid and variable, and with the support of natural crystals, we can tune our thinking to the desired vibration and maintain the flow of energy, which ensures our well-being. Wearing a crystal is an opportunity to check if the vibration of a particular mineral resonates with ours and if we can do the work of understanding our own emotions. The crystal serves as a reminder and constantly provokes inner change. Stones and Cords’ jewelry is made with 14-karat gold of 585 fineness. Each necklace is prepared by hand. Each crystal is like a closed, unique world, and could reveal thousands of secrets to us if we only choose to listen attentively.

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